Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Herzlich testing ankle again tomorrow

Mark Herzlich was pretty optimistic that he would be able to play this past week, but when he tried to test his sprained ankle last Tuesday it just didn’t respond.

“When it came down to crunch time where I had to do it, it just didn’t feel good enough to do,” Herzlich said. “It wasn’t as much of a push through pain type of thing, it was more it just didn’t feel sturdy enough to go. That’s where it was at.”

So he’ll test it again on Tuesday and see. He’s considering himself day-to-day. He's been out since the Nov. 28 game against the Saints.

“If I can do it tomorrow I can do it tomorrow,” he said. “If I can do it Wednesday I can do it Wednesday. We’ll see when that time is … Once I can run I will run and I will play. I just have to be able to run.”

And the more the team keeps winning, the longer he has to get back on the field.

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