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Good Morning

Indy is Super Bowl heaven

Well, hello there, readers of Rock's blog! Best here, reporting from the media headquarters hotel in Indianapolis, which is festooned with the largest image of the Lombardi Trophy anyone has seen anywhere. Ever.

I am fortunate enough to be covering my 12th Super Bowl, and on a scale of 1 to 100 the first 11 ranged in logistical convenience from Jacksonville (I'd give it a 3) to New Orleans (72).

Indy's rating on that scale is 100 gazillion.

The proximity of the media hotels, team hotels and stadium itself is Super Bowl heaven for reporters used to spending hours on buses traveling to distant hotels and stadiums in far-flung metropolitan areas.

The fact the weather is unseasonably mild adds to the ease of use here. And, naturally, everyone is friendly, including volunteers wearing hand-knitted scarves that no one actually needs because it's so warm.

One of the nice touches: Welcome to Indiana! messages left in each hotel room by young Hoosiers.

Mine is from 10-year-old Rachel in Kokomo, who wrote that she loves Indiana because "in the South it has great scenery." She also drew a picture of herself. Too cute!

There is a downside to Indy's smallness, though. Hotel rooms in the heart of town are extraordinarily tough to come by. The NFL knew it was facing this problem under any circumstances.

When the Patriots and Giants won, bringing with them massive media contingents, it added to the challenge.

Thankfully our editors and the NFL secured a room for Glauber so he didn't have to ask to sleep on my floor. It would have been awkward when I said no.

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