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Good Morning

(Insert same 'Prince is close' headline from last 3 weeks here)

Giants first-round draft pick Prince Amukamara holds up

Giants first-round draft pick Prince Amukamara holds up a Giants jersey during a news conference at the team's training facility. (Apr. 29, 2011) Credit: AP

This time, though, it appears to be real.

Tom Coughlin is playing mindgames with Prince Amukamara. So far, that’s the only thing the first-round pick has been playing. It may be about to change.

Last week the rookie cornerback said he was told by Coughlin that he was limping. Today, Coughlin said he was not limping, but he did not deny having made the accusation.

“That’s my way,” Coughlin said. “’Prince, I saw you and you were limping!’”

The physical part of Amukamara’s return is over. He practiced fully today, the first time he’s been listed as such this season.

“This week, we haven’t been concerned with how many reps he takes,” Coughlin said. “This is the first time that has happened.”

Now Amukamara just needs to find a place in the defense.

“He has to prove that (he knows the schemes), but he seems like he has not had a problem with that part,” Coughlin said. “I think he’s pretty close.”

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