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Irsay: No Peyton talk this week

1. PEYTON MANNING, Colts Quarterback Salary: $23 million

Salary: $23 million a year
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Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and team owner Jim Irsay took turns taking shots at one another last week, with Manning suggesting the Colts' facility was a depressing place to be around because of all the firings and Irsay labeling Manning "a politician" for trying to curry favor with fans in the event he is released in March because of ongoing neck problems. 

But the two men have made peace for the time being, and Manning is expected to lay low. Irsay is also upholding his promise to make this week about the Super Bowl and another quarterback - Peyton's younger brother, Eli, the Giants' QB. 


"To look at Peyton as an owner, it’s what you dream about having a player like that,” Irsay said today.  “You’re so blessed to have someone come in and to be such a part of the community and to be part of the golden era. Eventually, there will be the statue and all those things. We’ve been through a lot of battles together, but we’re very close. Some of the things that get out there, there’s probably a misconception because we’re family. We’ve given each other flak. He’s competitive and so am I. But I love him.”

Irsay also paid tribute to Manning in helping him to bring a Super Bowl to Indianapolis for the first time. 

“What he’s meant to the franchise and what we’ve done, he played a huge role in that,” Irsay said. “That’s obvious.”

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