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Is the Osi Umenyiora-LeSean McCoy feud over?

LESEAN MCCOY Philadelphia Eagles McCoy showed he could

Philadelphia Eagles

McCoy showed he could handle a heavy workload with 273 carries for 1,309 yards for a 4.8 average and 17 TDs last season, plus 48 receptions for 315 yards and three TDs. The rushing TDs will likely regress, but the receptions will go up. McCoy caught 78 passes in 2010.
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The feud between Osi Umenyiora and LeSean McCoy has come to an end, both sides announced on their weekly radio appearances in recent days. McCoy broke news of the détente on Monday, telling WIP radio in Philadelphia that “it’s time to get over” the heated back-and-forth exchanges.

“After the game (Umenyiora) said, ‘Hey man, you’re a heck of a player. We’re in this business, let’s get over this,’” McCoy said. “He said, ‘Let’s be done with it.’”

On Tuesday, Umenyiora appeared on ESPN Radio in New York and said that the war of words “got to be too much.”

“Every time you talked about me or him you talked about that silly nonsense. It was about time that ended and I’m glad all that stuff is over with.”

Umenyiora would not say who approached whom in regard to a truce, calling that irrelevant. He also insisted that no one on either side of the feud, or on either team, was distracted by the name-calling. So why not continue the entertaining dialogue?

“For who’s entertainment (is it), though?” Umenyiora asked. “It started because it was something personal me and him had on the football field. But right now, who are we entertaining with that right now? There’s absolutely no point in it.

“The masses need to be entertained with the way we play football and we’re going to work on that,” Umenyiora added.

McCoy seemed to agree with that point.

“You’ve got to focus on the Giants,” he said. “And my goal is not an individual battle with Osi. It’s with the Giants, and trying to get a Super Bowl.”

The Eagles have won seven of the last eight games against the Giants, and McCoy, who had 123 rushing yards in Sunday night’s 19-17 victory, has had over 100 rushing yards in his last three games against the team.

The battle between the two players reached new heights this week when McCoy called Umenyiora a “ballerina in a Giants uniform” on a program on ESPN. Last spring,

Umenyiora tweeted a Mother’s Day greeting to McCoy, telling him to “enjoy your special day.” Umenyiora has also called McCoy “Lady Gaga” and a “Twitter gangsta.” Apparently the two have exchanged words since they’ve been playing on the field against each other, but McCoy brought that spat into public view when he tweeted about Umenyiora and his contract situation with the Giants last summer, saying that Umenyiora was the Giants’ third-best defensive end.

Now, all of that hostility is gone. Or is it only being taken out of public consumption?
“It’s not about me forgetting why I didn’t like him,” Umenyiora said. “It’s just the fact that there’s absolutely no reason for anything like that to continue.”

The two players had limited contact on Sunday night. Umenyiora covered McCoy and helped break up a screen pass on one play in the second quarter. Later in that quarter he tackled McCoy in the middle of the field.

Prior to the game, though, McCoy said there was a palpable tension between the two.

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