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Jacobs agrees with 'Boys: "I am a bully!"

Brandon Jacobs speaks during 2009 Giants minicamp. (June

Brandon Jacobs speaks during 2009 Giants minicamp. (June 18, 2009) Credit: Newsday/Howard Schnapp

Rule Number One of trash talking: It’s probably not very effective if the target takes it as a compliment.

Such is the case with the words Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins used to describe Brandon Jacobs on Wednesday. “That’s him,” he said. “That’s what you get from him. He’s a bully.”

“I am a bully,” Jacobs said proudly at his locker today. “I think people who call out bullies are afraid of bullies. If they call me a bully, that’s how I see it. They’re just sitting back waiting for us to in there and we’re going there ready to play football.”

Jacobs, who ran with authority against the Packers despite an early hamstring injury, said he’ll have those words turning around in his head this week as he prepares for the Cowboys. And while he kept the thoughts to himself, he’s clearly heading to Dallas thinking he already has a mental advantage.

“When they speak to something like that I just look at it and I think my own things in my head on how they’re getting ready to try to accept the challenge that we’re bringing to them,” he said. “And then go out and run like that.”

As for the Cowboy’s other example of ineffective trash talking, when DeMarcus Ware suggested that the Giants are going to try to steal Dallas’ “manhood” like they did in their two previous visits to Cowboys Stadium, Jacobs raised an eyebrow.

“It sounds like they lost it,” he said. “I don’t know what to say about that. I never felt like I lost my manhood. I don’t care if we lose 16 straight, I’m going to have my manhood … If he feels like he don’t have it, I hope he doesn’t get it this week.”

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