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Jacobs could face fine for boxing maneuver

LANDOVER, Md. - Brandon Jacobs squared off with DeAngelo Hall and Albert Haynesworth in a boxing stance, and his hands appeared to move forward toward the heads of those opposing players. But Jacobs was not flagged for throwing punches because, he said, he did not make contact.

"Guys were getting froggy," the running back said of the dust-up in the fourth quarter of Monday's game against the Redskins.

Jacobs was not penalized, but it's likely the NFL will take a close look at his haymakers and perhaps fine him.

In fact, it was Haynesworth who was flagged for grabbing Jacobs' facemask. But the two large men insisted it was nothing personal.

"He came over to the rescue of one of his teammates," Jacobs said. "We're cool. There's no bad blood there at all . . . There's a lot of emotion that runs through a lot of players and that's what happens."

Ross knew it was no go

Aaron Ross was a surprise scratch in the game with a tight hamstring, but the cornerback said he knew Saturday when he practiced but was listed as questionable that he probably wouldn't be able to play.

"I pretty much knew from the little things I had to do to test it out," Ross said.

He'll have another MRI on the hamstring Tuesday to determine if there is any further damage to a muscle that had torn in three places and kept him sidelined through the first nine games of the season. "I'm tired of them," Ross said of the MRIs (he had one last week when the hamstring acted up).

Ross was slated to start for Corey Webster, who missed the game with a sprained knee. He said he doesn't think he's damaged the hamstring.

"I just didn't want to make it worse, that was the main thing," he said of the decision made by him and the team to sit it out. "It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good."

Giant steps

WR Hakeem Nicks left the game with a sore hamstring and said he had been feeling the muscle nagging at him for the last week. "Back in training camp, it probably was worse," Nicks said of a similar injury he suffered in the summer. "I don't think it's anything serious that will hold me out from playing. It was just the decision they made [Monday]. We had to play it smart."

G Rich Seubert also left the game. After the first touchdown run by Ahmad Bradshaw, he was pushed over backward on top of Bradshaw and injured his right knee. Seubert seemed to think the injury will not keep him out of Sunday's game against the Panthers.

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