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Jacobs: 'I'm not dead yet'

Running back Brandon Jacobs gestures at a fan

Running back Brandon Jacobs gestures at a fan at Giants training camp in Albany, N.Y. (Aug. 2, 2010) Credit: Jon Winslow

Brandon Jacobs made his first comments of the preseason, and naturally the subject of the pecking order at running back came up. Since the start of camp Ahmad Bradshaw  routinely has taken the first snap with the starting group, a role that Jacobs used to hold exclusively.

“I don’t know the reason, I really don’t know anything about it,” Jacobs said. “I’m just out here to try and help us win. That’s about it. No matter who gets the first carry or what. I’m still there and I’m not dead yet, so we still have a chance to win it.”

One guy who would know if there is something to the apparent change in seating is running backs coach Jerald Ingram, but he tried to downplay the situation as well.

“It just means [(Bradshaw] is a guy who missed a lot of football a year ago, a guy we expect a lot of right now,” Ingram said. “Brandon Jacobs has been around our offense for some years now so he knows a lot of things. We’re trying to get some guys to step up and get some reps. Eli [Manning] is only in there a certain amount of times.

“We’re just trying to progress as we go,” Ingram added. “We’re not hung up on who’s a starter. There are many times you’ve probably seen Brandon start off a drill here or there. … You look at New Orleans last year in the Super Bowl, they played four running backs all year long with a great one in Reggie Bush. When you have a group of guys who aren’t selfish in what they do and try to help everybody grow along, have some depth, you start to find out how successful you can be.”

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