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Jacobs: "It's just temporary"

Brandon Jacobs is the starting running back. For now.

Jacobs said he sees his promotion as “temporary.” While he might have been saying that to help prop up the ego of his little buddy Ahmad Bradshaw, he more likely has learned after the past few months that in the NFL, every job is a temporary one.

Still, there was no gloating or celebrating from Jacobs on his return to the top spot. In fact, he spent most of his meeting with the media today stumping for Bradshaw to get his job back.

“We know what Ahmad brings to this football teams, his character, his heart, his hard work, and he knows that as well,” Jacobs said. “If you ask me it’s just temporary. I don’t know what the reason for the whole thing is or what they’re trying to prove, but it’s temporary. I’m just going to get in and do what they ask me to do. If you ask me, it’s nothing.”

He sounds more like the guy who was demoted rather than promoted.

“He and I both know what this business is like,” Jacobs said. “I (hope) he didn’t feel awkward when things happened with him at the beginning of the year. We know that’s just how it is. He’s still going to be there. He’s still going to be a big part of us winning. If we want to win we’ll give him the ball. If we want to win, hand it to him and he’s going to get it done.”

Jacobs said even if he runs for 200 yards in the next two games, he thinks Bradshaw will be the starter again at some point in the season. But he also addressed the main reason why Bradshaw lost his job, which is turnovers.

“Right now we just want to win and get all these mistakes that we’re making straightened out and stop handing these games to these other teams because that’s what’s happening,” Jacobs said. “The teams that beat us, I honestly don’t think they really beat us if we don’t give them the games.

“I just want to win,” he added. “I’m tired of coming in this locker room with droopy faces. We used to have fun in this locker room and at practice. I’m just sick and tired of not being able to do that because we’re beating ourselves. It’s time to get this thing on the right track and get rolling towards the end of the season. It’s getting cold, we still have a chance to punish some people, and that’s what I want to do. All the other stuff that’s just going on, I don’t really care. I just want to win games.”

Still, Jacobs is embracing his new responsibilities and looking forward to proving to the league that he is still a capable running back and an emotional leader on the team.

“I want to be able to go out there and set our team up and set the stadium up and me and him have a good mixture going into the game where nobody can stop us,” Jacobs said. “That’s really how it’s supposed to be. Teams should not be able to stop us from running the football, and I don’t give a damn who they are.”


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