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Jacobs: No one salsas like Cruz

Perhaps it says something about Victor Cruz’ popularity and streaking status that other players have taken to mocking his salsa dance. The first to do so was Carlos Rogers of the 49ers after an interception. Since then Dez Bryant and Laurent Robinson have also swung their hips to mock Cruz after touchdowns.

Brandon Jacobs wants them to stop doing that. Not because it’s insulting to Cruz, but because they’re such bad dancers.

“Everyone who tries to do it, they make a fool of themselves,” the Giants' running back said. “(They have) long strides, their hips barely move. They don’t do it right. They look like amateurs when they do it. They look like they have broken ankles and their knees are confused. They look bad when they do it. And everybody who’s tried it has looked terrible.”

Except, of course, for Cruz, who said his grandmother taught him the move.

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