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Jacobs: No way Giants will be flat

Running back Brandon Jacobs of the New York

Running back Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants leaps over safety Gerald Sensabaugh of the Dallas Cowboys. (Dec. 11, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

For only the third time since the bye, the Giants are facing a team with a losing record. The last time they did, against the Eagles, they lost. And when they played against the Redskins in Washington in September, they lost.

One of the saddles on this team has been an inability to play far above the level of non-competitive teams. They had nail-biters against the Cardinals and Dolphins, lost to the Seahawks and Eagles, and lost to the Redskins once already. Can they turn it on this week against the Skins?

“There is no way that will happen again,” Brandon Jacobs said of the team’s lack of intensity in September when these two teams met. “What we’re playing for, what’s at stake, there is no way we can’t match their intensity like we didn’t do in Week 1. There is no way we can’t want it badder than them. I just think that’s impossible. We’ll see Monday morning if it’s that way, and if it is, that’s a shame.”

Speaking of rising to the occasion, Jacobs talked about his leap of faith in the Cowboys game on Sunday night when he cleared safety Gerald Sansabaugh in a single bound.

“Something told me to just jump,” he said. “I don’t know what it was because he was still standing tall and when I approached him he was still up. Something said ‘Jump!’ and I jumped and came through it.”

Not bad for a guy who missed two practices that week with a sore hamstring.

“I had the other leg up,” Jacobs said. “That probably was the thing that caused me not to hurt that.”

Jacobs wound up getting about 7 more yards on the carry, which helped put him over the 100-yard mark.

“I liked the way it looked,” he said of watching the play. “He was up and I still had another two feet over him so that was solid.”

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