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Jacobs not a fan of Cowboys fans

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, right, watches as

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, right, watches as quarterback Tony Romo throws the ball before playing the New York Giants. (Dec. 11, 2011) Credit: AP

Brandon Jacobs made a confession today. It’s not so much the Cowboys that he despises. It’s their fans.

“We don’t really pay attention to the America’s Team stuff,” he said. “The reason that a lot of guys on opposing teams hate the Cowboys is their fans. So many of their fans are loud and obnoxious. Everywhere you go you got some Dallas fans and they’re just like running their mouth about Dallas and keep going. It’s not really the team and the star and all that because they’re just like any other team in the National Football League that way, but their fans are the ones who have me feeling the way I feel. That’s my issue.”

Are Cowboys fans worse than Eagles fans?

“They are,” Jacobs said. “I’m not talking about being a fan of the team and going out actually at the game and doing the type of stuff they do in Philly. I’m just talking about in everyday life, Cowboy fans get on my nerves.”

There’s a good chance a large contingent of Cowboys fans will be in MetLife Stadium Sunday night. Jacobs knows that.

“There are going to be a lot of them here, no doubt about it,” he said. “There’s going to be a bunch of them here and they’re going to have a lot of support here. We just have to do what we have to do. It’s still our home field.”

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