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Jacobs not miffed at AP, but could have carry issues

Brandon Jacobs

Brandon Jacobs Credit: Getty Images

Brandon Jacobs said he was not angered by Antonio Pierce’s comments last week. But it sounds as if he’s starting to simmer a little bit about how much he’s being used in the offense when he is healthy.

Twice today, when talking about his return, Jacobs used self-depricating terms to describe the impact he’ll be able to make.

He said if everything goes well he plans on playing next week against the Dolphins. “When I say ‘play’ I mean do what I was doing before, three, four carries, five carries,” he said. “Whatever they ask.”

A few moments later he was asked about the lift his return can give the team.

“It’s only going to be a mental lift,” he said. “Justin (Tuck), he actually takes 60-70 plays a game. Me, I’ll come back and help as much as I can with what I get to help with. I’m looking forward to helping as much as I can with the chances I’m given.”

Jacobs was undercutting his carries a bit. He had 16 of them against the Rams. Against the Redskins, Eagles and Cardinals he had a combined 22. He’s also caught four passes, one for a touchdown.

Tom Coughlin said several times during the offseason that his intention was to use Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw in a more balanced fashion. Jacobs heard those comments at the time.

“That’s why that’s the offseason and people making comments in the offseason,” he said, an apparent attempt at paraphrasing Jerry Reese’s familiar description of such comments as “offseason chatter.”

Jacobs did not say he is unhappy.

“Listen, man, I don’t know,” he said of the number of carries he had been getting before his injury. “The way things go I take what I’m given and I try to make it the best I can. That’s it.”


As for Pierce’s comments that Jacobs should be on the field if he doesn’t require surgery, Jacobs said he let that roll off his back.

“I was not bothered by Antonio,” he said. “Antonio knows better than to say something like that. He knows this game very, very well. He knows. That’s why I never even bothered to even say anything. He knows what it is. He’s getting paid to do that. They might have given him a little extra bonus here and there to say that. But he knows what it is.”

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