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Jacobs says Haynesworth 'connected' on a swing

Brandon Jacobs, left, and the Redskins' Albert Haynesworth

Brandon Jacobs, left, and the Redskins' Albert Haynesworth trade punches during a fight in the fourth quarter. (Dec. 20, 2009) Credit: MCT/Harry E. Walker

Brandon Jacobs took a few swings at the Redskins players, but who got the worst of the fourth-quarter fight?

That would be Jacobs, who told ESPN Radio Tuesday afternoon that he had to go to the dentist after being clobbered by Albert Haynesworth.

"Haynesworth connected on one," Jacobs said. "It was a pretty good one on me. I wasn't looking. I didn't have him in sight. I was worrying about [DeAngelo Hall] and 92 got a good one off me."


Jacobs did appear to throw several punches in the melee. Will he be suspended?

He'll most likely be fined by the NFL, which looks into all such incidents. Last week, Shaun O'Hara was tagged for $15,000 for his fight with Eagles DE Trent Cole, and Jacobs will probably be docked about the same amount.


The NFL will come down on Jacobs. What about the Giants?

Tom Coughlin voiced his opinion on such extracurriculars. "We specifically preach against that, anything of that nature that would hurt the team, which would put us in a bad situation," he said.

In this case, only Haynesworth was flagged for a penalty that negated a third-down sack and allowed the Giants to score a touchdown on a drive in which they would have punted. "By and large, you get involved in those types of things and there are repercussions, there are penalties, it does not help your team at all."


What was up with that wacky fake field goal at the end of the first half?

The Redskins attempted what some have called the worst play in NFL history. Essentially they shifted seven men wide from their field-goal formation - and eventually sent kicker Graham Gano in motion as an eighth - and had holder-punter Hunter Smith try to chuck the ball to a teammate.

Problem was, there were only two guys left to block three Giants "pass" rushers and they creamed Smith just as he released the ball, leaving it floating in the air for a Bruce Johnson interception. Redskins coach Jim Zorn told a Washington radio station that the play worked "like dynamite" during practices. It blew up in his face in the game.

Any injury updates?

Not a lot. Aaron Ross did not play with a hamstring injury and had an MRI Tuesday. He said the decision not to play was a precaution, but was still worried that the hammy is giving him trouble. "I just didn't want to make it worse, that was the main thing," he said after the game. "It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good."

Hakeem Nicks came out of the game with a sore hamstring that's been bothering him the last week or so. He said he doesn't believe he'll miss games with the injury. And Coughlin said there probably won't be updates on Corey Webster (knee) or Rich Seubert (knee) until Thursday, when the team practices at regular speed; they have a jog-through scheduled this afternoon.


Derek Hagan?

Yes! Hagan caught a touchdown pass, his first as a Giant and just his fifth reception of the year. Mostly a special-teams contributor this season, he had to step up in the receiver rotation when Nicks came out of the game and snagged a 23-yard touchdown reception. "That's my thing," Hagan said of special teams, "but I still have to know the offense. Eli put the ball up and I had to go make the play."

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