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Jacobs says next year will be different, but just how different?

Brandon Jacobs tries to fire up the crowd

Brandon Jacobs tries to fire up the crowd at home against the Eagles. (December 13, 2009) Photo Credit: David Pokress

With all the excitement yesterday of John Mara’s visit to the press room and the firing of Bill Sheridan and the whole cleaning out the lockers business, I neglected to draw your attention to this information about Brandon Jacobs.

You remember Brandon Jacobs, right? Used to be a big bad running back for the Giants.

Well, apparently he believes the “old” Brandon Jacobs will be back. At least that’s what he told Brandon Tierney on 1050 ESPN Radio yesterday.

“Next year it will be different,” he said.

Jacobs said he was getting his knee scoped today. Asked when he injured the knee, Jacobs said it was in the first quarter of the game against the Redskins.

“I went down and I guess somebody -- I don’t know who it is, it was someone who weighed a lot I know that -- I think somebody fell on it at an angle while moving,” Jacobs said. “I guess somebody slid on it and twisted it and it did a lot of damage. I wasn’t able to walk until maybe Wednesday, that’s just walking, but I didn’t sit out of practice. I’ve never missed a practice all year long up until last week, and I didn’t want to make that an excuse.”

I’m assuming that he means the Redskins game in Week 1 and not the one in Week 15. Especially since he also said that the injury affected his ability to cut and it was very painful. “Not to make injury an excuse because you know I never did that, but now that this is over with, it was one of the reasons,” he said. It’d be pretty lame to blame an injury in Week 15 for his poor production in the 14 previous weeks.

Jacobs also knows that even though he signed a four-year contract during the offseason a year ago, he’s not guaranteed to be back on the team next year. With the possibility of an uncapped year coming, the Giants could conceivably dump him and his contract without any cap consequences.

But Jacobs said if he was in Giants management, he knows what he would do.

“If I am the Giants, I would find a way to bring back Brandon Jacobs,” he said. “I would because it was a tough season, no doubt about it. I wouldn’t wrap this guy’s whole career up. They know it is going to be better next year. (But) like I said, they do what they do and we all have to live with our decisions.”

Still, it’s apparently not a foregone conclusion in Jacobs’ mind.

“I hope there are no changes made with me but if there is I just have to live with it,” he said. “This league is the way it is, and we talk about it all the time. We are just a number, or in this case a piece of meat. You will be replaced with somebody at some point in your career. If it’s that way it’s that way, you move on.”

(Newsday Photo: David Pokress)

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