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Jacobs wants Bradshaw to stay, but not if it costs his family food

One of the Giants who showed up on the first day of limbo after the lockout was lifted by a Minnesota federal court was Brandon Jacobs. He didn’t work out at the Timex Performance Center – he had already gotten his work in on his own in the morning – but he said he wanted to come see what was going on. He spoke with coaches, had some gumbo, and after about an hour and a half, left.

But he’ll be back tomorrow, he said, and he expects 13 to 14 teammates to be joining him now that they know they are welcome.

While there were smiles and hugs when Jacobs arrived – even with Tom Coughlin, whom he met with while inside – eventually things will have to turn to business. And that could mean the Giants deciding not only how to divide up carries between Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, but how to divide up money. Bradshaw will be some kind of free agent when the labor situation is resolved, whether it be restricted or unrestricted.

“I have no idea what’s going to happen,” Jacobs said. “Whatever they do they do. I can’t control what they do one bit. All I can do is make the best of whatever they do. As much as I want Ahmad to be here with me – him and Danny (Ware) both – I also have my family as well that has to continue to eat.”

The uncertainty with Bradshaw could force the Giants to select a running back high in the draft later this week.

“That doesn’t bother me,” Jacobs said. “If they do they do, there’s nothing we can do to control their opinion. I hope (Bradshaw) is back. I’d hate to see someone else get a back like that. But from a business point of view, you never know what can happen. He may end up going someplace else, he may end up staying here. I hope it’s the second choice, but I just want him to be somewhere and be happy.”

A few other subjects Jacobs touched upon:

* Tom Coughlin suggested that the Giants needed to get him more carries than he received in 2010, and Jacobs said he came out of that season feeling better than he ever had. Of course the two were related. So how do you balance?

“I don’t know how you balance it,” Jacobs said. “That’s why the coaches get paid too, to be able to do that. There are ways that things can be done, catching balls out of the backfield and different ways of getting the ball. It balances out.”

*Asked about his first mentor in the NFL, Tiki Barber, trying to come back and play in the NFL, Jacobs called the decision “absolutely phenomenal.”

“I think it’s good for him and I think he can still play,” Jacobs said. “He’s going to be OK, as soon as he gets that first big hit he’ll be fine. I have all the faith in him in the world that he’ll be able to come back and do this.

“A lot of people think he’s doing this for the wrong reasons,” he continued. “I just think for me personally he missed it and for his image, I think football is good for him. It helps build up our images according to the way you handle it. It can break you down or it can make you a whole hell of a lot better. No one is certain about me because I can give you either or on any given day.”

* Jacobs said because of the veterans the Giants have, they’ll be in good shape to compete once the lockout is officially over for good.

“I think we are one of the better teams that can handle the situation,” he said. “We have a good team and old enough guys around who know what it takes to win and be successful.”



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