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Jacobs: "We will never be the 'other team'"

One of the topics that was big in the locker room today was the idea that New York is now a Jets town. I’m not buying that. Yes, the Jets are winning the headline battle. But I still think New York – particularly New York City – is Giants territory. The Jets may have a stronger foothold in the outlying districts, but the closer you get to Times Square I think the bluer you get.

Anyway, most players had little to offer on the subject. Shaun O’Hara even said he found himself rooting for the Jets in the playoffs last year and that he would love to see a Giants-Jets Super Bowl (in 2014 at The New Meadowlands, no less; way to dream big, Shaun!). Justin Tuck said he tries not to pay much attention to who is making what headlines and focus on football. Eli Manning echoed that. And Tom Coughlin snorted a dismissive answer when asked about the comparisons between NY’s two teams.

But Brandon Jacobs, never one to shy away from any kind of confrontation, decided to poke the Jets with a jab and call them out for not winning the AFC Championship Game last year.

"We will never be the 'other team' for the simple reason that we have a Super Bowl ring," Jacobs said. "We didn't stub our toe when we got there. We got past people we needed to get past. We beat teams that nobody beat and got what we wanted. We are Super Bowl XLII champions. Last time I checked my watch, no one else has done that in New York. So we are that team in New York."

In other words, Jacobs is probably the only guy on the Giants who would fit in on Rex Ryan's Jets team.

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