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Leonard Williams on Jamal Adams situation: 'It's not like it's a personal thing'

Jets strong safety Jamal Adams in coverage during

Jets strong safety Jamal Adams in coverage during an NFL game against the Browns on Sept. 16. Credit: AP/Aaron M. Sprecher

The Jets defensive player who was traded has some advice for the Jets defensive player who is mad that the team considered trading him.

Leonard Williams, dealt from the Jets to the Giants on Monday, said former teammate Jamal Adams has a right to be upset with the Jets . . .  but recommends he not be.

“It’s not like it’s a personal thing,” Williams said on Thursday. “I think the sooner you realize it’s a business, the less heartache you will have. If you can detach your emotions from the situation, it will be OK.”

That’s been difficult for Adams. Williams understands that.

“It’s easier said than done,” Williams said. “I was passionate about the Jets as well. They drafted me, I felt like I had a lot of promise to them. Since they drafted me I felt like I owed them. I felt like it was a family. But you start to hear about trades and you see in the league guys get traded . . . You see it more and more nowadays. When I started to hear the rumors and knew the trade deadline was coming up I tried to mentally prepare myself and understand what it is.”

Williams and Adams are in slightly different situations. Willlams is in a contract year and understood that his time with the Jets was running out. Adams said that he had a conversation with the Jets front office that he believed cemented him in place with the team just days before they fielded traded offers for him.

Adams noted that when the Rams get calls about Aaron Donald or the Patriots get a call about Tom Brady, they hang up the phone. Williams wasn’t so sure about that.

“It happens around the league no matter who you are,” he said. “I mean, you see Khalil Mack, who is one of the best defensive players in the league get traded . . . Khalil Mack, who was drafted by the [Raiders] and gave them his all and then got traded to the Bears.”

Though he was bracing for his trade, Williams said it still stung. He was able to get over it, though, and accept the welcome mat that the Giants have put out for him.

Can the relationship between Adams and the Jets be mended?

“I know he’s a really passionate person and I’m sure he cares about the Jets and wants to be there,” Williams said. “I think it can be fixed. He’s still there. I don’t think he has a choice. You don’t want to go the rest of these eight weeks holding a grudge against the people you are with every day. At some point, it’s like the same in a household, you don’t want to have conflict with the people you are living with every day.”

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