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Breaking down Jason Garrett's 'Good to see you, Coach' exchange with Giants reporters

Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett speaks to the

Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett speaks to the media before practice during training camp at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, N.J., on Thursday. Credit: Brad Penner

What’s in a name? Quite a lot if you heard Jason Garrett a certain way, it turns out.

Reporters have called the Giants’ offensive coordinator by his first name for the past year, including a few times during Thursday’s press conference. Garrett has never been bothered by that. Nor was he when he was head coach of the Cowboys all those years.

And he’s not now.

When he scolded (jokingly or not) those assembled around his lectern at the end of the question-and-answer session on Thursday after he said "Good to see you guys" and then filled in his own response – "’Good to see you, Coach."

He then added, "That’s how we do it around here."

It wasn’t the honorific he was crabby about. He seemed more put off that his small talk was met with mostly silence.

The exchange created a social media buzz that Garrett was demanding reporters refer to him as "Coach." It was interpreted somewhat similarly to the fit Deion Sanders threw last month, insisting that those covering his Jackson State team call him "Coach." Except that wasn’t what Garrett meant.

Maybe it’s because reporters are still used to being muted on Zoom calls that there was no courtesy of a reply to his pleasantry. Maybe everyone was too busy scribbling down notes or turning off their recorders from the last answer. The reason doesn’t matter.

Garrett is used to walking in front of a group of players, saying "Good morning" or "Nice to see you" or whatever other greeting or goodbye he uses, and having those words echo right back at him. That’s how things work in the building. When it didn’t this time, he finished the exchange himself. That’s why Garrett said it’s what "we" say, not what you should say. The "we" is the Giants.

And the offensive coordinator, unless you play for the Giants, is Jason.

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