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Jayron Hosley compares himself to a green banana

Jayron Hosley works out at the Giants' rookie

Jayron Hosley works out at the Giants' rookie minicamp at the Timex Performance Center in East Rutherford, N.J. (May 11, 2012) Credit: Getty

Jayron Hosley had a nice interception in practice yesterday while playing the nickel in the slot. Could he be the answer to the Giants’ vacancy if Terrell Thomas is unable to play this season?

Maybe. But Hosley doesn’t have much experience at that position.

“Very, very little,” Hosley said of how much he played in inside cornerback at Virginia Tech. “[I was] on an island. You have a little bit more tighter space inside than on an island, but you’re definitely going against the quicker guys who can take you anywhere, spin you in circles and throw you away. So you definitely have to have that quickness and know the game, knowing your position in your defense.

“I think it’s an adjustment,” Hosley said, “but it will work out.”

Hosley is certainly built like a nickelback. Small, compact, and fearless. He’s listed as 5-10 and 178 pounds, but from the time the Giants drafted him they’ve said that he plays bigger than that size.

“I was a smaller guy, so I had to show my speed and be more physical to do my job,” Hosley said. “Playing the nickel, you’re going to face bigger guys in the box, so you have to be physical. You have to have that mentality.”

Hosley does. Although it’s a bit alarming that he’s been carted off the field twice so far this camp. Earlier this week he had to be taken away to get stitches for some lacerations in his knee. Yesterday he had cramps and was taken back for some hydration.

Of course, most of Hosley’s work will take place off the field as he prepares for his rookie season and, perhaps, a key role in the Giants’ secondary.

“I don’t know the whole playbook, so I’m definitely learning it,” Hosley said. “I know what I know, but I want to know what the coaches know. I’m still in the playbook every day. Go home after meetings and I’m in the playbook. … It’s a learning process, but at the end of the day it’s going out there and playing football and doing what got you here. You have to learn before you go out there and do, so I’m trying to soak it all in. I’m like that green banana trying to stay green and keep learning before I get ripe.”

The Giants hope he can produce. Get it? Produce? Banana? The produce department? Nevermind.

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