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Jerry Reese isn't making any guarantees for Giants

Giants GM Jerry Reese talks with reporters during

Giants GM Jerry Reese talks with reporters during training camp. (July 28, 2012) Photo Credit: Hans Pennink

ALBANY -- Last year it was the G word that buzzed around Jerry Reese. He spent most of the season trying to convince folks he never "guaranteed" that the Giants would get to the playoffs and make a run at the title; he said he simply expressed during the preseason how confident he was that they would.

Any such statements this year from the general manager?

"I can guarantee there will be no guarantees," he said.

No, those are in the past. Passe. The new thing is the D word, and it's not about defending the title. It's about the possibility of the Giants becoming a dynasty.

The idea was first brought up by Justin Tuck during the spring when the players received their Super Bowl rings. He pointed out that there were no Giants players who had ever won three Super Bowls and suggested that a third for this core group could put them in the dynasty conversation.

But Reese was having none of that.

"I just think that's a nice word for you guys to play around, one you could stretch a lot of different ways," he said to the media in his first interview of training camp. "What is a dynasty? What constitutes? I'm not even sure what that means. I think the teams are so evenly matched these days that it's hard for a team to, quote, 'be a dynasty.' It's good to be able to talk about the d-word, but you gotta get out there and play. I'm really not sure what the dynasty thing even means."

If the Giants make a push for another title this year, he'll have to start looking up that definition because plenty of people will want to slap the label on what he and the Giants have done. If they can win three Super Bowls in a span of six years -- including two trophies in a row -- with the same general manager, head coach and quarterback, that certainly would qualify.

Right now, though, Reese said he's just enjoying the unusually quiet start to training camp. Or at least trying to enjoy it.

"It doesn't bother me to have a little chatter going into training camp," he said of the minor disturbances of recent years caused by, among others, Plaxico Burress, Osi Umenyiora and even Jeremy Shockey. "I actually kind of like it a little bit when there's a little bit of chatter. It keeps everybody on edge a little bit. Actually I've got a little bit of nervous energy because it's too quiet. But I'm sure something will pop up sooner or later."

Maybe it will. Or maybe the Giants will quietly go about their business on their way toward another run at the championship. Reese has put together a team that returns 21 players with starting experience, no contractual hiccups and a good balance of young budding stars and established veterans.

"I think it's a really good roster," Reese said of this year's team. "It remains to be seen as to how good we can be. I think we can be strong, and we can be good again. But you have to do it, you can't talk about it, you have to go out there and do it. That's what's important to us, is to go out there and prove that we are a good football team, that we've got a challenge and have a chance to win a lot of games this season. Hopefully we can qualify for the tournament. Then, if you get in the tournament, like always, anything can happen."


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