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Jerry Reese says now is not the time to see what Davis Webb can do

Davis Webb of the Giants prepares to throw

Davis Webb of the Giants prepares to throw in the second half against the Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Aug. 31, 2017 in Foxboro, Mass. Credit: Getty Images / Jim Rogash

Giants general manager Jerry Reese said “at some point” the Giants might want to take a look at rookie quarterback Davis Webb in game action.

“But when is that some point?” he asked on Tuesday. “It’s not right now because we’re going to fight with everything we have with these nine games left and hopefully we can turn our season around.”

That seems unlikely, which will eventually put the Giants in a position where they start to think about the future of their quarterback position. Eli Manning has held that job for almost a decade and a half, and Ben McAdoo said on Monday that he has no plans to change that.

But it would seem irresponsible for the Giants to go into the draft next April with a potentially high, franchise-changing selection, without having seen what Webb is capable of in an NFL game.

Manning said he is not concerned about that possibility.

“Hey, you know, I’ve got to play better,” he said. “So, I’m going to worry about my job, going out there and playing at a high level.”

He said he still believes in himself.

“I can still play at a high level and can get this offense going and do better than what we’re doing,” Manning said.

Without the top playmakers on offense — Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall are sidelined for the rest of the season — it’ll be tougher.

The fact is that even with them, the offense wasn’t tearing it up.

“We thought we upgraded the offense in some different positions and it didn’t take off,” Reese said. “The continuity wasn’t there like we wanted it to be at the beginning of the season.”

Reese did not put an unfair share of the blame on the quarterback, nor did he absolve him of his role in the 1-6 season.

“Just like everybody else on the team, Eli needs to play better,” he said. “Every position needs to play better.”

Manning will try to do it from here on out with some unproven targets.

“We have some young players that we have a great opportunity for them and we have to put them in positions to make enough plays,” Reese said. “When they put eight, nine guys in the box, you’ve got to be able to throw some passes out to the guys. We have some guys that are capable of doing that, we have receivers that are capable of doing that.”

They have a quarterback capable of it, too. Eventually, they may have to find out if they have more than one.

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