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Phase One a success for Giants coach Joe Judge, who believes winning is a process

Giants head coach Joe Judge during the second

Giants head coach Joe Judge during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, Dec. 27, 2020, in Baltimore. Credit: AP/Terrance Williams

Phase One of Joe Judge’s plan for the Giants, the one he laid out to ownership when he interviewed for the head- coaching job a year ago this week, is complete. And, he insisted, it was a success.

It did not yield many victories, only six, nor did it produce a postseason appearance that was within reach in a soft NFC East. But Judge said on Monday that he was pleased with the progress the team made.

"I’m a process guy, I’m a steps-along-the-ladder guy of what you have to accomplish," he said. "My number one goal as a coach this year was the foundation and the culture . . . I can say with absolute certainty we accomplished that."

So what’s next?

Winning, of course.

"Obviously, we have to improve on the field with some tangible results," Judge said.

He did not provide a timeline or a number of wins he wants in Phase Two, which will take place in the 2021 season.

"I’m not going to set out some identified goal for everyone to go ahead and measure us against on a yearly basis," he said. "I have a vision internally that I know where we are going and I have a process and steps. I have measures and rungs along the way that I keep [track of] and I make sure the team is moving in the right direction."

Notes & quotes: Judge would not address the future of anyone on his staff or in the front office on Monday. That includes offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and general manager Dave Gettleman, both of whom are less than certain to return in the same capacities next season, as well as defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, who could be a candidate for head-coaching jobs, including the Jets’ . . . Judge said the biggest thing missing this season was not points or wins but the fans. "This was a different type of year not having the fans in the stands," he said. "I can assure you, [their] absence was definitely noticed. We talked today, players and coaches, about how much everyone is looking forward to next year when we can go ahead and open the gates and fill the stadium."

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