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Will Joe Judge hold players accountable after Giants' blowout loss to Rams?

Giants head coach Joe Judge reacts during the

Giants head coach Joe Judge reacts during the first quarter against the Rams at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Joe Judge did not post his version of the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

A day after he challenged the players to see who would continue to play hard in the second half of a blowout loss to the Rams at MetLife Stadium, Judge said he reviewed the video of the contest and came to some conclusions in that regard.

"On the whole I saw the reaction the right way," he said Monday. "Obviously we were down at that point. You have to claw your way back out and that comes through 30 minutes of fight and execution. That [challenge] was to see how certain guys responded and I saw a lot of positive responses."

Not all of them were up to the standard, though.

So who didn’t make muster? The mob at the gates of 1925 Giants Drive wants names!

"Waiting for me to single out one player, I think you guys have known me long enough to know I’m not going to do that," he told reporters. "Giving a list of names or things I didn’t like, that’s not really what I do."

Judge has never been one to publicly criticize his players – or even his coaches – so his keeping mum on those he saw give less than the prescribed effort on Sunday is staying completely in character for the head coach. And outsiders can certainly speculate enough on their own regarding which moments in the second half measured the worst on the ol’ effort-o-meter. The last pass of the game from Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp, a no-look toss for a 13-yard touchdown in which the receiver ran down a sideline that three Giants players seemed to have an opportunity to close off but did not, certainly stands out as a starting point.

But while there was no public offering of a player or a play to sacrifice at the altar of public outrage, there are those who believe penalties could be implemented against those who committed the lapses that are anathema to Judge’s football sensibilities.

Behind closed doors, Judge said he did present a harsh truth in regard to the effort against the Rams.

"The things I didn’t like in the first half and the second half in that matter will go fully addressed to the team as a whole and independently to make sure we move on from that," he said.

Perhaps there might be tangible evidence on the field Sunday against the Panthers of who Judge deemed to have played unsatisfactory by which players have reduced snap counts.Judge said the challenge he gave at halftime is still in effect. Violators will be given a second chance to amend their ways.

"This week of practice will determine a lot of that," Judge said. "We’ll see how guys come out and perform at practice, how they execute and compete. How you practice will have a large impact on how much you do play."

Ultimately, someone or some group might be held accountable for the performance against the Rams.

Miserable starts to the season are nothing new for the Giants. Here is their record through six games in the past five seasons and their eventual won-loss totals:

Year First 6Final record

2017 1-53-13





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