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Jon Gruden says it’s a win-now situation for Eli Manning

Giants quarterback Eli Manning waits for the snap

Giants quarterback Eli Manning waits for the snap during the first half at MetLife Stadium on Aug. 26, 2017. Credit: Daniel De Mato

Jon Gruden said he thinks Eli Manning can win another Super Bowl, but he may be running out of time.

“It’s got to happen certainly in the next couple years,” the Super Bowl-winning coach and now analyst for Monday Night Football said on an ESPN conference call.

Gruden also said he thinks the Giants have what it takes to get that done this year.

“They look like a legitimate contender to me because they can play defense, they have firepower at the skill positions, and they have a quarterback that has the intelligence and the playmaking . . . to get it done,” he said.

Gruden saw the Giants in person when they played the Browns in the preseason. He came away mostly impressed, expect for the backup quarterback battle between Geno Smith and Josh Johnson.

“They have a defense that can win,” he said. “They certainly have the receiving corps. I have some questions about the offensive line, but I don’t think they have the heir apparent ready to play in New York at the quarterback position based on what I saw in the preseason. I don’t even know who they’re going to use as their backup, and Eli is 36. But we’ve got a guy down the street in New England playing into his 40s.”

If Manning can play at that level for that long, it will certainly increase his chances for another title.

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