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Jonah Williams, self-proclaimed 'steak snob,' could really beef up Giants' offensive line

Offensive lineman Jonah Williams of Alabama speaks to

Offensive lineman Jonah Williams of Alabama speaks to the media during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday in Indianapolis. Credit: Getty Images/Joe Robbins

INDIANAPOLIS —  If the Giants draft Jonah Williams from Alabama, the first offensive lineman dinner will probably be at his place. While the offensive tackle said his life consists mostly of football and not many other hobbies, he was outed by college teammate Josh Jacobs as being the best cook on the squad.

In fact, Williams whipped up a pretty impressive Thanksgiving feast for his teammates this past November.

“He really can cook,” Jacobs said.

When he walks into an NFL locker room, he’ll be a rookie looking to impress veterans. So what might he cook for them to help earn their respect?

“I’m a steak guy,” he said. “I’m a steak snob.”

But it has to be done his way.

“I get in arguments with guys on the team sometimes about how steaks should be cooked,” he said. “I’m a strong rare to medium-rare guy, depending on the cut. A lot of people want it well done, which I understand, but I think that might be a discussion I’ll have to have with those future teammates. But I love cooking a good steak. That’s my thing.”

The meal won’t be just for the pleasure of future teammates, either.

“I haven’t been able to do a lot of it with all the dieting and training I’ve been doing,” he said of his culinary pursuits, “but I’m looking forward to getting back to that.”

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