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JPP backs off Packers guarantee, piles on Falcons

Jason Pierre-Paul celebrates during the NFC Wild Card

Jason Pierre-Paul celebrates during the NFC Wild Card game at MetLife Stadium. (Jan. 8, 2012) Credit: Jim McIsaac

Jason Pierre-Paul had one last insult for the Falcons before he moved on to the Packers.

In his weekly radio interview on WFAN, the Giants’ defensive end said that Just Tuck’s description of the Atlanta offensive linemen as “dirtbags” was an accurate one.

“I totally agree, no ifs or buts about it,” Pierre-Paul said. “They came out and they were giving cheap shots, but as a team we can’t make mistakes and we can’t retaliate. We did our jobs. We can’t afford to lose anybody out of the game. We did our job even though they were playing dirty.”

Pierre-Paul said the Giants were prepared to turn the other cheek, partly because of Tuck’s comments.

“Even the coaches were saying that we can’t retaliate,” he said. “We went out and executed our plays without getting into a fight with the Falcons. If you turn on the tape you could see they were giving cheap shots, but who really cares? We got the win and that’s it.”

Pierre-Paul also addressed his comments after the Falcons game that the Giants would win in Green Bay. This time he issued some caveats.

“If the defense, offense and special teams all do our jobs … we should win,” he said.

He laughed that he didn’t sound as certain as he did after trouncing the Falcons on Sunday.

“Of course I said that,” he said. “It’s just a simple fact that we won and there was excitement. But if we go out and do our jobs, then we should win … We learned a lot from that game (on Dec. 4 against the Packers) and we’re going to get after them on Sunday.”

Just like they got after the Falcons? Pierre-Paul said their attitude against Atlanta and their running game was important to the win.

“We weren’t going to take no ---- from the Falcons,” he said.

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