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Good Evening

JPP guarantees win . . . again!

Jason Pierre-Paul told reporters after Sunday's wild-card playoff victory over the Falcons that the Giants would win again in the divisional round against the Packers.

Then the second-year defensive end went on the radio Monday and backed off a bit, qualifying his initial remarks.

Wednesday, he mounted the interview podium at the Timex Performance Center and was back to his original, confident self.

"I think we’re going to go down there and win," he said after chuckling over a reporter's question about his Sunday remarks.

Later he was asked if any teammates had spoken to him about his sort-of guarantee.

"People came up to me and asked what I said, and it came from the heart," he said. "If we go out there and play like we're supposed to play and like we did last Sunday, we're going to win.

"In their right mind, who's going to say their team's going to lose when somebody asks you that question? You have to go out there and say you're going to win, and we're going out there Sunday and there's going to be one person who wins that game. It's a playoff game. So, we'll see."

JPP also displayed confidence in himself. When asked whether it bothers him that people say he still has much to learn as a player, he said, "I really don’t care. That just goes to show there’s a lot for me to learn and I can get better.

"And when I do get better, there's going to be trouble."

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