Justin Pugh would have rather practiced.

The third-year guard sat out Wednesday's practice, missing his first action of training camp, after undergoing a strenuous dental procedure.

"It wasn't fun," he said on Thursday.

Pugh had a fracture in his right molar that became infected and needed to be removed.

"It was not good," he said. "They kept telling me I was grinding my teeth. I had to wear a night guard, it was ridiculous. Then they find found out once it got infected that there was probably something wrong with it more than just grinding my teeth. I had to go to an oral surgeon to get the image they needed to finally see. So they took the tooth out, put a bone graft in and all this stuff. I didn't know you could do all that."

Pugh said he could have practiced, but the doctors wanted to let the wound in his mouth heal a bit before he started knocking heads with defensive linemen.

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"There's like stitches, so they wanted to keep me out just to make sure the stitches healed up well and it wasn't a reoccurring problem," he said.

Pugh said he expected to practice on Thursday and play in Saturday's preseason game against the Jaguars. And of course he would have liked to practice on Wednesday as well.

"I'd rather practice," he said, "than go get teeth pulled and not have a back right molar for two months."