Good Morning
Good Morning

Justin Tuck not concerned about foot/ankle

Justin Tuck did not practice today because he had his foot stepped on in practice late Thursday and rolled his ankle a little bit. Tom Coughlin said there was no swelling, but they wanted him to rest as a precaution, and Tuck said there is no reason for concern.

Of course, he said that when he suffered the stinger in the preseason, so ...

Anyway, he's listed as questionable for the game. So is Aaron Ross. Michael Boley is doubtful and Ahmad Bradshaw has been ruled out.

Back to Tuck, who was pretty down on himself yesterday, he might very well have stepped on his own foot out of self-loathing. His buddy Osi Umenyiora said he should give himself a break.

"It happens," Osi said of down seasons. "You’re not going to go out and get 12 sacks and have a Pro Bowl year every year. Obviously he would like to make more plays. Unfortunatley, it’s not happening for him but eventually it will."

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