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Tuck talks the walk, says he could be gameday decision

Earlier in the week Justin Tuck said the

Earlier in the week Justin Tuck said the Falcons' offensive line had a reputation for being "dirtbags." (undated file photo) Credit: David Pokress

Earlier today we provided a deep analysis of the way Justin Tuck trudged onto the practice field and plopped down on a blocking pad, speculating that it was a signal of his growing frustration with injuries and perhaps some foreshadowing about his availability on Sunday. He did not practice today, but in the locker room he hinted that attempts to dissect his gait may be a bit misguided. Or not.

“I have an old country boy walk anyway, so I don’t think it’s that much different,” he said. “But it’s a little different.”

Tuck missed a good portion of the Cowboys game with a toe injury that he said didn’t even occur in that game. He was a little evasive about describing the injury, which could be anything from turf toe to an ingrown nail to something more foot-related.

“I’ve been doing everything possible to get some relief, strengthen it,” Tuck said. “Some things have had positive effects. Some things have had negative effects. Some things have no effect. I still have almost three more days to hopefully find something that works or let this rest and heal a little bit more.”

So will Tuck play on Sunday against the Redskins? He’s already missed one Redskins game when he was unavailable to play in the opener.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’m just trying to do everything day to day to give me the best opportunity to go out there and help the football team win. Hopefully we’ll find out something tomorrow or the next day, but I don’t think the decision will be made until Sunday.”

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