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Kenny Phillips has 'positive attitude' about playing Sunday

Giants safety Kenny Phillips

Giants safety Kenny Phillips Credit: Getty Images

Most people expected Kenny Phillips to be out for a few weeks with a sprained MCL, and that could still end up being the case. But at today’s practice, Phillips was impressively spry, taking part in some stretching and flex exercises and even running a little on the side. And he said that facing the Cowboys on Sunday is a possibility.

“No one has told me I couldn’t (play on Sunday), no one said I would,” Phillips said. “Just day to day … Right now I have a positive attitude that I’ll be playing.”

Of course any time Phillips’ left knee is injured, it presents very large red flags. He had major surgery to repair an arthritic condition in that joint in 2009 and is only now returning to the form that he showed prior to that procedure. But Phillips said this MCL sprain “has nothing to do with” his previous condition. “A totally different injury,” he said.

Phillips did say he feels good. “Not sore at all. Not sore, not stiff.” And of course, players can play on weakened MCLs.

“Nothing is torn, so it should be alright,” Phillips said. “We’re being smart about it … Just taking our time.”

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