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Kevin Boss wasn't considering surgery after the 2009 season, but will have scope on Monday

Remember that play against Kansas City late in the first half when Kevin Boss had the ball near the goal line and was pulled down with an ankle tackle? He injured his ankle pretty bad on that play but managed to get up and get to th eline of scrimmage so the Giants wouldn’t burn a time out and they were able to set up for a field goal attempt. Gutsy play.

Well, Boss is still paying the price for it.

He’ll undergo an arthroscopic procedure on Monday to clean up debris in the ankle, most of which stems from that play in Kansas City.

“That was probably the initial blow that started it,” he said.

Boss actually participated in the first two OTA practices but was still experiencing pain in the ankle. He and the Giants decided it would be better to have the surgery (and the 4-6 weeks recovery time) now rather than push through the injury just to be on the field in May and possibly lose time in the fall.

“Better now than at some time during the season,” Boss said.

Coming off the 2009 season, Boss didn’t think surgery would be necessary at all.

“We thought a couple of sprained ankles during the year and take some time off,” he said. “I stayed off my feet for about a month after the season just trying to let it heal up and I got back to working out. Running straight ahead didn’t really bother it but when the change of direction stuff started picking up is when it started aggravating it.”

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