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Kiwanuka, Blackmon have near-reunion

Not only did Will Blackmon replace Mathias Kiwanuka on the Giants’ roster today, but the two of them had dinner together on Wednesday night.

Blackmon, who signed with the Giants, and Kiwanuka, who was placed on injured reserve, were roommates at Boston College.

“It’s tough, because we were a couple of weeks away from playing together again,” said Kiwanuka, who expressed a desire to remain active and wait for his herniated disc to heal on its own. “He got his papers from Green Bay, I was excited and heard there was a chance that he might come here, so I’ve been talking him up around the locker room. Man, he’s a great player. I told everybody he’s definitely the most talented and gifted athlete that I ever played football with, hands down. He made the switch from DB to wide receiver and didn’t miss a beat, and obviously he is a very talented return guy, too. He can do it all.”

“I told Mathias last night when you have really good friends you’re always going to come back full circle at one time or another,” Blackmon said. “We kept in touch all the time. It’s fun to be here with him. He said this is a great place and everyone has the same goal.”

On his being put on IR, Kiwanuka said he understood that the Giants had to move on. He expects to play next year, although he made no mention of returning to play for the Giants.

“I want to avoid surgery,” he said. “The consensus is that if I take the proper amount of time off, there is a very good chance that it’ll heal on its own. That’s what the goal is right now. If it doesn’t happen, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Regardless of whether or not it requires surgery, I’ll still be back by the opening of training camp.”

“Regardless of what happens to me as an individual, I’m definitely still going to work with the Giants organization throughout the term of my contract (which expires after this season),” he said. “I know this team is going be successful, so I’m excited to watch it.”

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