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Kiwanuka enjoying monumental year, Super Bowl just adds to it

It’s been some year for Mathias Kiwanuka

He’s been healthy, his brother is recovering from motorcycle accident injuries sustained last summer, he’s playing in a Super Bowl in his hometown, and he said today that his fiancée is expecting their first daughter in March.

“A lot of things have happened, not just football-wise, but my life in general has taken a turn for the better,” he said.

While all of those other things are nice, the biggest thing this week will be playing in the Super Bowl. Kiwanuka has a ring from the 2007 team that won it, but he was on injured reserve for the second half of the season.

He compared the feeling to when he was in high school and his team won back-to-back state titles.

“The one from my sophomore year I was on the field and I contributed, I did a decent amount, but I wasn’t a starter,” he said. “The one from my junior year I was starting on both sides of the ball and it was my friends who were all involved. I kind of feel like this one will be more like that one. If we go out there and we get a win, I still appreciate the opportunity, I know I was a big part of that last team that won one, but this is the one that I’ll remember more.”

Kiwanuka said he has trouble coming up with the words to describe what it is like to be going to a Super Bowl in Indianapolis, the town where he grew up. He’s been eying it for several years now.

“I tried to put it out of my mind, tried to take every game as they come, but from the time it was announced I was like ‘Oh, that would be awesome if I could get there,’” he said. “I’ve been looking at it for a long time.”

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