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Kiwi gives Jerry Jones a verbal "whupping"

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks to the media

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks to the media following practice during training camp in Oxnard, Calif. (Aug. 11, 2012) Credit: MCT

The Giants said they’d wait until the opener to respond to Jerry Jones’ pledge to kick their butts this season. They came this far, but apparently they couldn’t hold off quite that long.

Just hours after the preseason concluded, Mathias Kiwanuka showed that the Giants have the Cowboys and Wednesday’s regular-season start firmly in their minds. Kiwanuka was on WFAN’s Boomer & Carton show this morning and was asked about Jones’ remarks at the start of training camp when he invited Cowboys fans to Cowboys Stadium to “beat the Giants’ (butts).”

“He should,” Kiwanuka said of Jones’ desire. “I mean, the Giants have been whupping his (butt) for a long time.”

Kiwanuka went on.

"It's got to be tough on the outside looking in on all of these championships lately," he said of the Giants’ two in five years, both of which have gone through the Cowboys in one way or another. “That's the feeling I feel like everybody in the league has and what they should have because when your on top everybody should be wanting to knock you off.”

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