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Good Morning

Koets and Seubert snap to attention

Giants offensive linemen, from left, Chris Snee, Rich

Giants offensive linemen, from left, Chris Snee, Rich Seubert, David Diehl and Will Beatty break huddle during NFL football training camp, Monday. (Aug. 2, 2010) Credit: AP

Remember Shaun O’Hara? He’s the guy who was hurt and whose injury was at the forefront of peoples’ minds about 24 hours ago, before Hakeem Nicks took over that position.

Now O’Hara is just a center with a swollen ankle. That’s kind of boring. But it has kept him out and will probably keep him on the sideline for a few more days.

Adam Koets, who struglled with the center exchanges last year (OK, struggled may be putting it delicately; he was awful) seems to have found a comfort zone with the job and he been very solid. So has the guy he’s splitting reps with among the staring group. That would be Rich Seubert.

Seubert said it’s nothing new for him.

“Every year I’ve been up here,” he said of how often he snaps the ball as a center. “The more positions you can play in this business, the better off you’ll be.”


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