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78° Good Afternoon
78° Good Afternoon

Last ... but not least!

The Giants and the Panthers are both stretching on the field right now, and for the Giants it's their final toe-touches and knee-bends ever at Giants Stadium.

It may be the last game here, but it's certainly not the least. A very important game for the Giants against the Panthers is about to take place. And the scoreboards that wrap the stadium in the end zones will be watched for the last time by Giants fans, particularly the Packers-Seahawks score.

Yes, the old girl in the swamp is going bye-bye. But before they take her down, the Giants are remembering the occassion. In the end zones are painted logos commemorating the history of Giants Stadium, 1976-2009. "The Tradition Continues" the logo says.

There are also banners hanging on the walls in each of the corners of the stadium.

Ceremonies will also take place during the pre-game and halftime segments. They're even showing a Bruce Springsteen video at halftime.

Meanwhile, just over the lip of the north side of the stadium, the new home beckons.

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