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Tynes: Sorry, Jets, we're 'kings' of NY

New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes kisses the

New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes kisses the Vince Lombardi Trophy after his team's 21-17 win over New England Patriots during Super Bowl XLVI. (Feb. 5, 2012) Credit: AP

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was Lawrence Tynes who brashly removed the curtains that the Jets had placed over the Giants' Super Bowl logos before their Christmas Eve game.

And in the wake of the Giants' 21-17 victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI Sunday night, Tynes couldn't help but laugh at how far apart the two New York football teams are these days.

One team is preparing for a victory parade. The other is doing damage control.

"We are the kings of New York," Tynes said. "There's no second-guessing."

Tynes believes the turning point of the Giants' season came when they beat the Jets, saying the momentum gained that day spurred them on the six-game winning streak that gave them their second title in five seasons.

"Once we won that game, it did a lot of things to us mentally," Tynes said. "Gave us some confidence."

And given the gamesmanship that went on in that matchup for area bragging rights, Tynes smiled at the prospect of Jets fans watching a Super Bowl matchup between the Giants and Patriots.

"This was a double whammy for them, you know?" Tynes said. "Did they want the Patriots to win? Or did they want the Giants to win?"

For a few minutes Sunday night, it looked as if the prospect of winning the Super Bowl would rest on Tynes' right foot.

As the Giants drove late, with the Patriots leading 17-15, they were primed to run down the clock to the final seconds and set up a game-winning field goal.

Tynes said he went through his usual ritual, thinking only about one thing: "Making it."

Then, as he loosened his leg by taking a few practice kicks into the net, he watched as the Patriots pulled back and purposely allowed Ahmad Bradshaw to score on a 6-yard run so they could get the ball back with 57 seconds remaining.

When Bradshaw returned to the sideline, Tynes said he told him, "You should have just took a knee and let me have a Super Bowl game-winner."

It didn't work out that way, but Tynes sure didn't mind. He still got another ring.

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