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LeSean McCoy recalls backbreaking TD run

Jonathan Goff #54 of the New York Giants

Jonathan Goff #54 of the New York Giants tries to tackle LeSean McCoy #25 of the Philadelphia Eagles. (Nov. 21, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

It was the fourth quarter, and the Giants were clinging to a 17-16 lead four games ago in Philadelphia when Eagles coach Andy Reid decided to go for it on fourth-and-1 at the 50-yard line. Not just go for the first down, but go for the whole ball of wax in a crucial NFC East game.

Instead of powering into the heart of the Giants' defense, Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinwheg had quarterback Michael Vick pitch to running back LeSean McCoy heading wide around left end. Onrushing Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora came within a breath of deflecting the pitch, but that was the last time a Giant came close to the ball or, for that matter, McCoy, who went 50 yards untouched for the go-ahead touchdown. The Eagles then made a two-point conversion for a 24-17 lead and later added a field goal for the final 10-point margin.

Asked today what he thought when the call came in from the sidelines, Mc Coy said: "You're surprised but excited. It showed the confidence he had in the running game and myself. It was shocking, but I wanted to prove, 'Well, you gave me a shot. Let me make the best of it.'

"There was a great block on that. I remember it was a fourth down. I remember the ball being 'tipped' by Osi and then me kind of getting it down there and just finishing. I looked up at the [stadium] screen to see if any of the Giants were around me."

Of course, the lack of traffic around McCoy was the most amazing thing about the play. The Giants totally committed to stopping something between the tackles.

"There was nobody around," McCoy said. "It was a great call. It's one of those things where you're guessing. They were in the defense coach Marty thought, so, it worked out. But I was definitely surprised to see there was no one anywhere close."

Someone mentioned to McCoy that the Giants did a pretty good job of bottling up Minnesota's Adrian Peterson on Monday night, limiting him to just 26 yards. McCoy said, "I'm not surprised at all. They do a great job of stopping the run. The Giants' front four are big, but they're athletic. They can run."

So, can McCoy, as the Giants learned in their last meeting.

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