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Light gets under Osi's skin

Osi Umenyiora celebrates his victory against the Green

Osi Umenyiora celebrates his victory against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. (Jan. 15, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Osi Umenyiora has gotten into two fights on the football field in his life, he said on Friday. The first one was against Matt Light in the regular-season finale against the Patriots in late 2007. The second one was against … Matt Light in the Nov. 6 game against the Patriots this season.

“Me and him, we have a history,” Umenyiora said. “We’re going to rekindle that on Sunday.”

Umenyiora noted that Light “wasn’t as bad in the Super Bowl,” but they did have extra shoves and late pushes that can be dangerous to a player in the most recent game and at one point, after a Jason Pierre-Paul sack of Tom Brady, the two were rolling on the ground in a tussle.

“I don’t know what it is that he does but it’s something that he’s doing that really gets under my skin,” Umenyiora said. “I’m not that type of guy. He’s probably the only person I’ve ever fought on the football field.”

Justin Tuck agreed that Umenyiora is “not that type of guy,” and chuckled at how Light seems to bring out the fire in Umenyiora. He noted how both wear the same jersey number and are probably trying to establish which of them is “the real 72.” He also said he tells Umenyiora that Light kicks his butt in their fights, which of course only serves to get Umenyiora more fired up.

This time, though, Umenyiora joked (at least we think he joked) that he has a plan.

“I think he’s more important to his team than I am to mine right now, so if we can both fight, we’ll both get kicked out and JPP and Tuck will have a field day,” he said.

Umenyiora would do that? Get tossed from a Super Bowl game to help his team win?

“I’ll be good to go,” he said with a wide grin. “I’ll be ok.”

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