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Lil Wayne talks about Eli Manning on Instagram video

Lil Wayne, at the BET Hip Hop Awards

Lil Wayne, at the BET Hip Hop Awards at Fillmore Miami Beach on Oct. 6, wants Eli Manning to know he's still a fan. Credit: Getty Images for BET/Paras Griffin

Lil Wayne has had a surprisingly big role in Giants happenings this week.

First he was a sidekick in Odell Beckham Jr.’s controversial sitdown with ESPN that aired on Sunday. On Monday, he was the subject of a punchline by Eli Manning who, when asked about that interview, joked he had not seen it because he does not follow the rapper.

Fine. OK. Everything’s cool.

But on Tuesday, things got really bizarre.

That’s when Lil Wayne posted a long, meandering video on his Instagram account not only defending Beckham but taking Manning to task for not being a fan of a fellow New Orleans product.

"Eli, man, every time I'm doing an interview about you, it doesn't have to be an interview, even in the crib amongst the homies, every time somebody badmouths you — you can ask my homie [Fox Sports commentator] Skip Bayless, shout-out Skip — the first thing I'm going to say is, 'Listen, I've got an uncle who was doing time that remembers seeing Eli, Archie, Peyton, Cooper at 5 in the morning every other morning at the schoolyard way before the students get there practicing.’

“I'm the first one to back you up and be like ‘He got two rings before his brother.’ Here you are talking about how you don't watch Lil Wayne much. That's fine. I'm cool with you. I don't care what you watch or what you listen to or nothing like that. But hometown love…You don't have to do me like that," he said. “I didn't say anything bad about you, man. Dang! So I ain't going to say anything bad about you now. You still hometown love. I still [expletive] with you Eli. It's all good.”

Lil Wayne, who appeared to be smoking marijuana while recording the video, did offer a suggestion for how Manning can improve his fortunes this season.

"You ain't got to watch me, but still listen if you could,” he said. “You probably need to the way you've been playing. You probably need to bang some 'Carter V' before a game. Just a consideration.”

"Carter V" is the name of Lil Wayne’s new album.

Maybe the Giants are taking that advice seriously. When the team came on the field to practice on Tuesday, the soundtrack included three straight songs by Lil Wayne.

For a 1-4 team, the Giants certainly are keeping things interesting.


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