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Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!

The Giants host the Steelers tonight in the second preseason game at New Meadowlands Stadium, but it will be the first home game in the new place for the Giants. That means that there will be plenty of blue all around and, for the first time, Giants fans will get to settle into their seats.

What are the top things they’ll be looking for? I’ll leave that to other people. Here we’ll continue our tradition of giving you the Bottom Five Things to Look For in tonight’s game:

5. The game will be delayed while they film an OxyClean commercial at the 10-yard line. “It even gets dried blood stains out of FieldTurf carpeting!” Amazing.

4. New Giant Shawn Andrews continues his subliminal campaign of trying to convince everyone around him that it’s actually 2011, so he can get paid like it’s the second year of his contract. He keeps saying things like “Can’t believe the Olympics are in one more year” and “Boy, I sure am glad we avoided a lockout this year.”

3. Rhett Bomar plays the entire game in bubblewrap.

2. Victor Cruz throws a tantrum on the sideline after the ball is not thrown to him despite double coverage by the Steelers and the fact that he has been knocked down to the ground. “Don’t you know who I am?” he shouts at Kevin Gilbride and Tom Coughlin. “I’m the Cruz @#$%-ing Missile!!!”

1. Will all of the quarterbacks be able to keep it in their pants?

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