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Manning blown away by the new stadium, but unsure of winds

Eli Manning has taken a tour of the New Meadowlands Stadium, and said he can’t wait to start playing there.

“It’s exciting,” he said. “When you walk in there it gets you excited for the start of the season. To play that opening game in there will be a great moment. I’m looking forward to getting in there.”

Manning said Tom Coughlin has scheduled a practice in the new stadium later this spring.

“That will be good just to get a feel, get your bearings down on where everything is and just so when you play that first game you have a little bit of an advantage, you’ve been in there before and it’s not the first time along with the other team,” he said.

As for the wind, Manning said he hasn’t heard anything about the patterns at the new stadium.

“It’s sometimes just windy around this area, that’s how it works,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any way to stop the wind. You become accustomed to that. You might get a couple games a year and you just have to learn to deal, see where the windy spots are.

“In the old stadium there were spots that were windier than others and we’ll see if it has that same trend in the new stadium,” he added. “(We’ll) feel it out. That day might not be windy. Sometimes it takes until the fall and you get into November and it gets cold, that’s when the wind usually tends to pick up a little bit. We might learn a little, but I think we might have to just show up on that game day and see how it’s blowing in warm-ups.”

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