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Manning has "no opinion" on Plax

Eli Manning

Eli Manning

The only guy in New York who doesn't have an opinion on whether or not the Giants should reacquire Plaxico Burress appears to be Eli Manning.

The Giants quarterback addressed reporters a little while ago for the first time this offseason and naturally the subject of Burress and his potential return to New York came up.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with that," Manning said. "I know he and Coach Coughlin may meet at some time, so we’ll just see what happens after that."

Manning was then asked if he had spoken with Burress and if he thinks he should come back to the Giants.

"I have spoken to Plaxico but I don’t have an opinion," Manning said.

Clearly he does. In fact, he may have been one of the players who helped nudge the Giants into being willing to open their mind and their door to the wayward receiver.

Manning did agree, almost half-heartedly, that Burress has a lot to offer. "Yeah, very talented," he said. And he said that the idea of a distraction and media circus that a Burress Return could bring doesn't bother him.

Still, there remain several rather difficult hurdles to clear before the Giants and Burress can get together. They must wait until Friday at the earliest to have a face-to-face meeting with him, and I've been told that such an in-person conversation between him and Coughlin is a must before the Giants consider their next step. There also remains the matter of what Burress will say if and when he does meet with Coughlin. Burress is not the type of person who will hold his tongue or try to say the right thing to impress someone. He'll say what's on his mind. That in itself may be enough for the Giants to close the book on Burress.

In the meantime, the New York Post is reporting that Burress has returned to Florida where he will remain until he can reschedule a meeting with the Giants. Or sign with another team perhaps. Who knows right now. Certainly not Eli.


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