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Manning likes Packers on Sunday

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Credit: Getty Images

Eli Manning also said he’s picking the Packers to win on Sunday. They seem to remind him of another Super Bowl winning team.

“You want to be playing great at the end of the season, give yourself a shot, have a little confidence going in,” he said. “It’s kind of like in ‘07 for us. We went in with great confidence, thought we were playing well. I think they did the same thing. They won their last two. The week before they played us they lost a game, they didn’t play really well. All of a sudden they got hot, played well, got their confidence, and they’re running with it still.”

Today, by the way, is the anniversary of the Giants' Super Bowl win over the Patriots.

The Giants lost to the Packers in Week 16, essentially losing control of their own playoff path. It was the second loss in a row for the Giants and came on the heels of the collapse against the Eagles. Had the Giants beaten the Packers, they would have clinched a spot in the post season and the Packers would have been eliminated.

So there has to be a little bit of a “that could have been us” feeling for the Giants watching the Packers.

“That’s why we always just say ‘You just want to make the playoffs,’: Manning said. “You get in, you can be the hot team and you can make the run. That’s just the way it is.

“You just kind of look to some missed opportunities that you had during the season where you could’ve got that 11th win, whether it was the Philly game or an earlier game. We had our chances. If we win that Philly game, and then going into that Green Bay game that became like a playoff game for both teams. If we would’ve won in Green Bay we would’ve made the playoffs. They were playing great football. They were kind of the hot team and have been playing great ever since.”

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