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Manning to Giants: Let's take care of business!

The Giants are all business.

At least that’s what Eli Manning wants them to be. As they begin their preparations for a trip to Indianapolis and a showdown with the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Manning addressed the team at a meeting on Tuesday morning to get one thing straight from the start: They’re going there to win.

“It was a message for the whole team,” safety Antrel Rolle said. “It was a broad message that needed to be said. It was a message that was heard loud and clear by everyone. Basically this is about business. Let’s go take care of it, let’s go get it done, whatever it costs.”

Manning isn’t often cited as a vocal leader, but he has on occasion stood in front of the team and addressed them. He’s certainly done so in between, but the last time it became public knowledge that he had done so was last December after the Giants collapsed against the Eagles. He tried to bring the team back together, reminding them that they still had a chance to make the playoffs, but they were still shell-shocked the following game when they lost to the Packers, 45-17.

Rolle said this recent message was “very, very needed.”

“Even for players like myself who have been to a Super Bowl, it’s still great to hear someone speak with that kind of leadership,” he said. “You know that Eli doesn’t say much. When he says it, he means it and you know it’s coming from the heart. It’s about business. That’s what the message was about. We’re going out there to take care of business. Everything else is for the spectators, everything else is for your family and for your friends. We’re going out there to handle business.”

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