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Manningham TD was called in the huddle

Jonathan Wade #24 of the Detroit Lions is

Jonathan Wade #24 of the Detroit Lions is unable to stop Mario Manningham #82 of the New York Giants from scoring a touch down in the second quarter at New Meadowlands Stadium on October 17, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Credit: Getty/Andrew Burton

The 33-yard touchdown pass to Mario Manningham took advantage of the Lions' single-high coverage. It looked like the Lions started out the play with a two-deep look but shifted to the single high. Were the Giants able to make an adjustment to take advantage of it?

Nah. Turns out the Lions' defense just fell right into what the Giants had called.

"It was the original play call in the huddle," Manningham told me after the game. "We came out, executed and did what we had to do."

And yes, that was C.C. Brown who was the deep safety on the play.

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