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Mario Manningham says he's playing

Mario Manningham

Mario Manningham Credit: Getty Images

It was like a mantra that Mario Manningham repeated in answer to each question about the condition of the hip flexor injury he suffered against Minnesota. "I'm playing," Manningham said of the battle for first in the NFC East against Philadelphia on Sunday.

You mean because you can't afford to be hurt with Steve Smith out? "I'm playing."

If Smith were healthy… "If he was healthy, I'm still playing," Manningham insisted.

You get the idea. Manningham isn't about to let his team go into battle without him for a game this big in December. The injury happened, he said, when he was blocking downfield on Brandon Jacobs' 73-yard run. "I felt a little pull in my hip," Manningham said. "I'm good, though…I'm cool. I've just got a little pull."

Never mind the doctors and the trainers and the injury report. Manningham is playing.

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