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Martellus Bennett calls Cowboys Stadium 'just another field'

The Green Bay Packers celebrate after winning Super

The Green Bay Packers celebrate after winning Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium. (Feb. 6, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Martellus Bennett said he won’t have any special emotions when he walks into Cowboys Stadium as a visiting player for the first time on Sunday. In fact, he said, there’s really nothing special about the stadium at all.

“They have a nice stadium,” the tight end said. “They have the big ol’ TV and everything. But at the same time it’s just another field to play on. No matter where we play we always go out there and try to win.”

Jerry Jones undoubtedly did not spend over $1 billion for “just another field.”

“I wouldn’t spend a billion dollars personally,” Bennett said. “Maybe I would if I had it. If I did I’d be hovering right now, I wouldn’t be standing here. I’d either have somebody carrying me, feeding me grapes on TV, or I’d just be floating in the air and have you wondering why I’m floating. Special effects everywhere. Everything I do would be special effected.”

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